Apple Combo Offer: Buy iPhone 7 and iPad,Get up to Rs 23,000 Cashback


Apple and Citibank have partnered to announce an unique combo offer to apple iphone fans who are planning to purchase both an iPhone and an iPad. Customers buying an iPhone 7 or an iPhone 7 Plus can get up to Rs. 23,000 cashback on purchase of an iPad.

iphone7 cashback offer

The cashback offer is available only to Citibank credit card holders, according to offer fine print.The iPhone and the iPad must be purchased on the same day from the same store, using the same card, and the same mobile number should be provided at the time of purchase.

The offer also available in reverse – If you are buying an iPad, can get cashback up to the same amount if you buy either of the latest iPhone models. The Apple-Citibank iPhone-iPad combo offer will only be available via select offline Apple-authorised resellers.

The offer was launched on Friday and will last till 31 December 2016. Customers are eligible to perform a maximum of four such transactions during the offer period, with two transactions allowed each month.

Customers purchasing an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus will be able to get a cashback of Rs. 17,000 if they also buy an iPad mini 2 or an iPad mini 4; Rs. 18,000 if they buy an iPad Air 2; and Rs. 23,000 if they purchase any iPad Pro model. Additional instant in-store savings are also available – Rs. 2,800 on iPad mini 2 (effective price Rs. 2,100 after cashback and savings), Rs. 2,900 on iPad Air 2 (effective price Rs. 11,000), and Rs. 5,900 on iPad Pro 9.7-inch (effective price Rs. 21,000).

Customers purchasing an iPad Pro can avail a cashback of Rs. 23,000 if they also buy an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus; iPad Air 2 customers get Rs. 18,000 cashback on their iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus; and iPad mini 2/ mini 4 customers get Rs. 17,000 as cashback upon buying one of the latest iPhone models.

These cash back amounts will be credited to the Citibank credit card within 90 days of purchase and are subject to terms and conditions mentioned earlier along with additional fineprint.

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