Now You Can Book Uber Cab Without Downloading the Mobile App

Booking a cab through an app can turn out to be a tricky thing if you don’t have the app already in your smartphone. In urgent situations this can be a disastrous and time consuming task, requiring you to visit the relevant app store, download and install the app, and then proceed to register or log in. Understanding this particular problem, cab aggregating firm Uber has now allowed users in India to book cabs without having to install its application in certain Indian cities like Nagpur, Kochi, Guwahati, and Jodhpur.


Now users in these particular cities can avail Uber rides by directly heading to company’s mobile website. If you are in any of the aforementioned cities, you can just head to the website, log in through your phone number and the site will connect you to the nearest driver available in order to help you coordinate the pickup.

The customers in these cities also have the option to pay for their rides in cash if they do not wish to pay via mobile wallets or net banking.

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The company has not specified if it will roll out this feature to rest of the Indian cities or not, but if the move turns out to be a successful one, it might make its way to the rest of the cities soon enough. It’s obvious the move is aimed at emerging markets, where both budget phones with low inbuilt storage and data connectivity issues can necessitate such solutions.

Last week, the Delhi High Court directed app-based taxi aggregators, including Uber, to not charge more than government-fixed rates from its passengers from August 22.

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