AP Government Plans to Set up Wi-Fi at Rythu Bazaars Across 13 Districts

The state government plans to equip the Rythu Bazaars in all 13 districts of AP with Wi-Fi facilities soon in a bid to encourage cashless transactions among the customers and traders.

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According to official sources, the state has nearly 80 Rythu Bazaars including 13 in the Port City and 17 in Vijayawada. The government had initially introduced the project in four Rythu Bazaars across the state on a pilot basis. Now, they are negotiating with the banks, farmers and concerned officials to ensure that the project is implemented without any hassle.

Suresh, proprietor of a general commodity shop in MVP Rythu Bazaar, said “Paytm has helped me a lot. The demonetisation drive has led to a severe shortage of lower denominations across the state. But thanks to the digital payment options, people with smart phones can easily buy and sell goods without incurring losses.”

G Prasad, estate officer of Kancharapalem Rythu Bazaar who also worked at MVP Rythu Bazaar, said having Wi-Fi at Rythu Bazaars will be a boon for both customers and traders as it will ensure easy and rapid transactions without worrying about change.

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The departments concerned are busy discussing the plan with BSNL, Reliance Jio and Airtel, while the nearest banks have been asked to provide necessary infrastructure like POS machines and e-wallets to the traders, the sources said.

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